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CITYx is an idea, an invitation, and an experiment. It is where we live and who we are. It is our joys and dreams made manifest. CITYx is where we illuminate our blind spots, set fire to our assumptions, and reinvent the world we make in our image. CITYx is TEDxVienna’s annual salon event concerning all things urban. In 2015, CITYx turns its attention to cities of the future and the future of cities.

Event Recap

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As in mathematics, the x in CITYx stands for the variable, the unknown, the possible. It also, as in TEDxVienna, means “independently organized.” Cities are complex systems where much is variable and many things are unknown. Yet they are also living laboratories in which countless individual actions create infinite possibilities. With the majority of the global population now living in urban areas, the future of humanity appears to be an urban one. But what kind of urban future awaits us?

In all likelihood, it won’t be a gleaming fantasy technoworld of flying cars and robot servants, but the far more transformative spectre of runaway climate change, resource depletion, energy scarcity, economic instability, and social and political upheaval. Our cities, our human civilization, will be even more profoundly different a century from now than they were a century ago. Are opportunities hiding in the daunting challenges ahead? Which ideas, if spread, could still make tomorrow better than today?

  • Diana Contiu

    CITYx speaker 2014, student

    It is our duty as citizens to not step back
    but to react when something goes wrong in our society.

  • Veronika Kovácsová

    CITYx speaker 2014, urban designer

    The new city is the one that says, “I can do it”.
    The urban void in the city creates places where new social things happen.
    It's a social catalyst.

  • Pedro Gadanho

    CITYx speaker 2014, curator

    Architects are again engaging the social, the participatory...
    Activism is changing the way we act—and react—as a society.

  • Matthew Passmore

    CITYx speaker 2014, artist & teacher

    The city is a medium. Make and curate and promote work that is innovative, responsible, inclusive, and done with a sense of civic pride.

  • Bradley Garrett

    CITYx speaker 2014, urban explorer

    I think that information should be shared.
    I think that transparency is important in a democracy.
    I want to know what’s being built in my city, by whom, with what funds, and to what ends.


Meet the CITYx 2015 lineup of local and international speakers

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What If

October 31, 2015
Volkstheater Vienna


   TEDx talk playlist
17.00 _ _ _ Doors open
Registration, Exhibits, Interactives

17.45 _ _ _ Talk Session #1
Mahir Yavuz
"Who Will Govern 'Smart' Cities?"
Sabine Knierbein
"Public Space Between Crisis, Innovation, and Utopia"
Eugene Quinn
"Remixing the City"
Andreas Förster
"Designing Neighbourly Interactions in the Networked City"
Herr Finnland
"The City is a Stage"

19.15 _ _ _ Break
Exhibits, Interactives, Food & Drinks

20.30 _ _ _ Talk Session #2
Adrian Atkinson
"Where is Our Civilisation Heading?"
Lucy Bullivant
"What is a Visionary City?"
Mirjam de Klepper
"Social Resilience in Vienna – Sticking together in times of no trouble"
Eric Corijn
"How Cities Can Save the World"

22.00 _ _ _ Networking, Exhibits, Interactives
22.30 _ _ _ Silent Disco until 24.00


Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwartskunst
Weiskirchnerstraße 3, 1010 Vienna


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    Meet local and visiting innovators, from technology, entertainment, design and a host of other exciting fields.

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    After Party

    Celebrate a successful event with good music and drinks

Watch previous CITYx talks

Discover why smart cities are about smart citizens, how architecture can be a form of protest, and the value of trespassing.


Exhibitors & Interactive Experiences

Biennale 2015

Biennale 2015

An initiative of the MAK, the Biennale combines art, design, and architecture to find answers to today’s most important issues and to raise awareness about the possibilities of fine art and the applied arts for the challenges of our time.

Gehsteig Disco

Are you ready for a unique party experience with live DJs, whereby the audio is transmitted through wireless headphones? So grab a drink from the bar, pop on a set of headphones and dance the night away with us!

Insider Navigation

Discover the MAK with an augmented-reality-based, intuitive, millimeter-accurate indoor navigation – without the use of additional hardware. INS provides you with a mobile app, which supports you like a personal indoor assistant.


Have you ever wished your drawings would come to life? Then wish no more and try the 3Doodler, a 3D printing pen for creating 3-dimensional art! Be creative and lift your imagination off the page.

Michaela Putz

City in Layers: Cities develop through the people that live in them and grow with their ideas, experiences and visions. Sketches, maps and texts of visitors and their ideas about an actual and imagined city deploy a unique cartography of urban life.


Smile, have fun and capture unique moments at CITYx with Smiletronic, the mobile version of the classic photobooth! Your pictures are worth spreading!


An evolution in automobile engineering, the Tesla Model S is the first electric luxury limousine in the world and sets performance standards in the 21st century. Built as an electric vehicle from the ground up, the Model S provides an extraordinary driving experience.


„Neue Welten – Sharing Stories“ The Weltmuseum invites you to become a co-curator. Bring an object to CITYx that has significance to you, that represents your beliefs or communicates something about your ideas and desires, and tell us the story behind it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I enter MAK to get to CITYx?

At the Weiskirchnerstraße entrance, facing Stadtpark. Once you’ve picked up your attendance badge you’ll have full access to everything CITYx and MAK have to offer.

Will there be food and drinks?

Of course! We’ll make sure your focus is on great ideas and not your rumbling stomach. You’ll be able to enjoy a tasty selection of snacks and refreshments at no additional cost.

Will I really be sitting down for five hours?

Not unless you really want to. CITYx features two sessions of talks, each of which are less than 90 minutes long. So you’ll probably be moving around more than sitting still.

Then what else does CITYx offer besides talks?

Inspiring and amazing exhibitors and performances, delicious local food and drinks, networking opportunities, and did we mention the free pass for the Vienna Biennale exhibition in the MAK?

So, I just go home after the talks are over, right?

We won’t stop you from leaving, but we hope you’ll stay for our afterparty and silent disco!

Isn’t CITYx usually at Weltmuseum Wien?

Weltmuseum Wien has been our partner since the beginning and continues to be our main sponsor. However, we are delighted to host CITYx at MAK this year while the Weltmuseum is closed for renovations.

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